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Construction equipment has arrived at the site of the future Luddy Hall.
Construction equipment has arrived at the site of the future Luddy Hall.

The iron beasts sat poised, ready to chew through the ageless earth, to move aside the past with the first steps that would someday echo through history.

OK, so that’s a bit dramatic for a backhoe pulling up its first chunk of dirt to begin the construction of the new Luddy Hall on the corner of 11th and Woodlawn, but hey, it’s a big moment in the history of the School of Informatics and Computing. The 124,000-square-foot structure has been in planning for months, but now dirt is being moved to ready the land for the foundation of Luddy Hall to be laid. That work will take place over the next couple of months, and we’re only 18 months away from opening the building.

But every construction project begins with a scoop of dirt, and the beginning of the construction phase brings to an end the long months of the lot at 11th and Woodlawn serving as an empty mud hole.

Weddle Brothers Construction has begun the preliminary earth work and are conducting layout for the project. The crew found some additional foundations that had to be removed from the site, and the backhoes went to work pulling those out of the ground.

Because it’s Dead Week on the IU campus with finals looming next week, the construction crew is under some noise restrictions. The jackhammers to do some of that work won’t be put into action until May 2 at the earliest, and that’s when the real work will start to be seen (and heard).

Meanwhile, the process is underway to set up a video camera to allow the public to view the construction in progress. It’s part of a campus-wide initiative to keep the public informed, and other ongoing projects can be found here. The construction camera for Luddy Hall, which will be installed atop the Geology Building, will be available in the near future.

Also coming up in the next week or so will be better erosion control on the site, and the construction fence will also be erected. The fence will remain in place for the remainder of the construction. Also, look for construction trailers to be moving in near the site.

It’s an exciting time for the $42.4 million project. Check back with the Luddy Blog for updates through the completion of the project!

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