Progressing Nicely

Yellow foam is applied to the outside of the future Luddy Hall.

First it was clear, open air.

Then it was reddish forms.

Then it was gray concrete.

Then it was purple, insulated walls.

Now it’s yellowed with spray foam.

Soon, it will be gray again, this time in its final form.

Luddy Hall, the future home of the School of Informatics and Computing is steaming toward its November completion date, and the construction on the site has remained on schedule thanks to an unusually mild winter.

The basic structure of Luddy Hall is complete, and the first and second floors have been framed out, allowing offices and classrooms to be well-defined inside the building. The power and sprinkler systems are nearly completed on the lower floor, and it is progressing on the second and third floors.

The skylight that is positioned above the grand staircase in the main lobby has also been completed, and the exterior windows are about 70 percent installed. Framing has progressed to the third floor, and soon the fourth floor will be framed out, as well.

The most obvious exterior change should come over the next month. The limestone façade that will make up the exterior paneling of the building will be installed and is expected to be completed by the end of April, and the overall finished look of the exterior of the building is expected to progress significantly over the next four to five weeks.

In the meantime, a yellow foam has been sprayed on the exterior of the building, part of a two-part process that will help insulation. The first part is the yellow spray foam, which serves as a vapor barrier on the exterior. Once that process is completed, the interior of the building will be sprayed with foam.

After the interior spraying and framing is completed, rough-ins for conduits and boxes that will house the electrical and data infrastructure, and the plumbing, will be installed. Batt insulation—the wispy, fiberglass rolls you may be familiar with—will be placed between the studs, and drywalling will begin.

The $42.4 million Luddy Hall is scheduled to be completed before Thanksgiving of this year. For a real-time view of the ongoing construction, visit IU’s construction webcam (not compatible with Internet Explorer).

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